How do I edit a suite?

  1. Click 'Listings' in dropdown menu

  2. From here, you can see all the spaces you have listed.

  3. Click "Relist" if you want to make the listing live. Select whether it's for sale, for lease, or both. You can also set when the property is available for sale or lease.


  4. You can also filter your listings by their status down via the dropdown shown below.

  5. Click the trash icon if you wish to remove a listing from your portfolio.

  6. To edit the details of a suite, click the pencil icon to the right hand side of the suite in question.

  7. When editing a suite, if you would like to associate a second SpaceList account to this listing, click “Add Another Pro Contact”, but please be aware this is a PRO feature.

  8. Make any other edits you require and click "Save".
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