How do I manage my listings?

  1. Click 'Listings' in dropdown menu

  2. From here, you can see all the spaces you have listed. Please be aware that if your listing is not edited, updated or renewed every 365 days, it will be removed from the site until you do so.
    • You can renew your listing using the ‘Renew Listing’ icon shown below

  3. If you would like to remove your listing from SpaceList, you can click the "Unlist" button below. It will not show up on our site, but still be available via your ‘Listings’ page for you to re-list in future.


  4. You can also filter your listings by their status down via the dropdown shown below.

  5. Click the trash icon if you wish to unlist a suite and also remove it from your portfolio.


  6. Let’s go back to our ‘Listings’ tab on from the dropdown on the top hand side of the screen and see what our suite’s page looks like.

  7. Below is what your suite will look like to a user. Pro accounts get
    • additional enquiry fields
    • a large badge with your details and image
    • a list of links to other properties in your portfolio

  8. Click on your profile badge to open your full profile. You can then fill out your details by clicking the ‘Complete Your Profile’ button.

  9. Make sure to check the ‘I am a real estate pro’ box if you wish to appear on the site

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