How do I add a file (photo, floor plan or flier)?

    1. First go through the initial steps to list a suite or list a full property

    2. When creating the listing, add files via the media uploader at the bottom of the page. 
      Ideally you should add:
      • 3 photos of the suite
      • 3 photos of the full property/building
      • a floorplan of the suite
      • a floorplan of the full property/building
      • a flyer for the suite

      Click “Add Files” to start.

    3. Choose the file you wish to upload. You should then set whether the file is
      • related to the full property/building or just the suite, using the “File for:’ dropdown menu
        • adding to the full property will attach the file to all suites at this address.
      • a photo, a flyer or floorplan, using the ‘File type:’ dropdown menu

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