Do you offer any market data?

Our Building Competitive Analysis tool allows you monitor the performance of your property in real-time. We leverage unique demand data to identify the buildings you compete against, and show you how your property compares. 

  1. Click 'Listings' in dropdown menu

  2. You can view some useful information on your property by clicking the ‘Stats’ button beside the listing.


  3. From here we can see various analytics on property.

  4. Now we want to see how our listing performs compared to similar listings in the area. Add at least 4 similar listings to compare using the ‘+’ symbols as seen below. These listings are displayed for you intelligently, based on similar listings that users have clicked.
    You can also add an address yourself.

  5. Once you have picked all listings you wish to compare with, click the ‘Click to Load Charts’ button.

    Now we can see how our listing is performing compared to our chosen competitive set.

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