How do I list a full property?

  1. First, click “Log In” and enter your login details

  2. Click “List A Space”

  3. Enter the address of the item you want to list.
    • All properties on SpaceList are located using Google Maps, if you wish to add an address which isn’t on Google maps, please contact us at

  4. Double-check that it’s the correct address, and confirm by clicking ‘Yes’

  5. Now choose which type of listing you want to create
    • 'List the Entire Property' should only to be used when the full building is for sale/lease
    • ‘List a Suite’ is used when a smaller unit (e.g. the 4th floor) of the building is for sale/lease 

    For now, let’s choose ‘List the Entire Property’

  6. Choose what type of suite you are listing from the ‘Property Type’ dropdown menu. For now, we will choose ‘Office’.

  7. Start filling out the form and choose whether the property is ‘For Lease’ or ‘For Sale’
    For now, we will choose ‘For Lease’

  8. Enter the contact e-mail address for the listing. If you would like to associate a second SpaceList account to this listing, click “Add Another Contact”.

  9. Go ahead and fill out the rest of the form. The more info you provide, the better (we’ll come to this in a minute.)


  10. Scroll down to the media uploader. We’re going to add:
    • 3 photos of the full property/building
    • a floorplan of the full property/building

    Click “Add Files” to start.

  11. Choose the file you wish to upload. You should then use the ‘File type:’ dropdown menu to set whether the file is a photo or a floorplan.

  12. Note how your ‘Completeness’ score gets higher as you provide more information.
    • The Completeness score on the property page directly affects the Completeness score of each suite within the property. This score will decide how far up search results the listings will appear.
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